A different kind of racism - 05/22/06, 11:35 PM
There is a silly story behind that strip. Way before the beginning of Gamer9, when I was just planning it and making some concept artwork I decided to show one piece to my friend from US. So I've shown him that image:
You know what was his comment to this? He joked by saying that is it not Gamer9 by quaz but We kill blackies by quaz. I was rather surprised that he saw a straightforward racist message here. I mean, I had no clue that one can see something like this in that piece. Sure, there is a white guy killing an Afro-American in the picture, but the only thing I was seeing there was one guy killing the other. Nothing skin-colour related.

I guess that some people are rather oversensitive when it comes to seeing racist messages. Probably it's their culture that taught them to see world like this. Maybe there is a lot of real racism or maybe there is a significant cultural attention for that issue.

For me people are equal and when I see a villain in a movie I'm not analysing whether he is the only Afro-American person in the whole movie and I'm not looking for a concealed message that is supposed to tell me that Afro-Americans are evil. But is it something with me or with those who look for messages like that?

I think it's like racism turned around. A new kind of racism, when Afro-American people are seen as those who need to be pictured always as a good guys, to the point where it's not PC to say that, like all the people, they can be both good and bad. Real lack of racism is not when we try very hard to say that Afro-Americans are good, but when we are equal enough to simply not pay any attention to the colour of the skin.

So fuck that art critic.